Travel to Bolivia


Travel to Bolivia

The heart of the Inca empire, Bolivia is a country with rich history and culture. With its Amazonian rainforests, beautiful mountainscapes in Potosi -the world's first permanent silver mine-, Lake Titicaca which they call "The Sea Of The Sun". Discovering this place will make your adventure unforgettable!
You could be in for a truly unforgettable experience if you visit the land of Bolivia. From snow capped mountains to tropical beaches, it's no wonder that people come from all over just so they can see what life is like there! But don't take my word alone as gospel because I'm only one person who has traveled these parts before... Consider this: -The average altitude at which La Paz sits above sea level ranges anywhere between 2170 meters up until 4095 meters

So easy


I went there once with my high school friends when we were seniors. We all got kicked out because it was Senior Day at our academy graduation but then decided against going back home so instead just tagged along as they traveled around South America

Plan Your Trip

A good way to save money on travel to Bolivia is by planning ahead.

Bolivia is the best destination

A majority of people in the world enjoy traveling to Bolivia. It's an incredible place for those who love exploring native cultures and getting up close with nature, as it has some truly breathtaking scenery!

Why Bolivia

People have been going to Bolivia for years and they never get bored of it.

The beautiful scenery in this country really captures the imagination-the grasslands are perfect for watching cattle ranches, while high altitude lakes offer views that you can't find anywhere else on earth! It doesn’t stop there though - visitors also enjoy visiting La Paz which has an impressive array museums...

Many people are excited about going to the beautiful country of Bolivia. The cultures, food and people will make your trip a memorable one for sure!

The people of Bolivia are some of the friendliest and most welcoming in all Latin America. The country's many natural wonders make for a great destination, with vibrantly green mountains that reach up to 8500 meters above sea level on topographic tableaus like Mount Sajani National Park or Coroico Cienega Preserve as well as deserts where you can find salt flats at 3800 meters below ground level!

Bolivia is a great destination for many different types of travelers. One reason why you should consider visiting this South American country? The tropical climate, which means that it's comfortable year round! And don't forget about all the activities on offer in and around La Paz- from mountain climbing to horseback riding; there really are something for everyone here ́cacao tasting sessions'.

Bolivia is the best South America country

When you think of South America, what comes to mind? I bet it's not Bolivia. In fact, this little-known country is home for more than 10% of all plant life on Earth and has some pretty unique geographical features like Lake Titicaca which was once the highest navigable lake in either hemisphere!

Bolivia is a hidden gem of the world, with many reasons to visit. One major reason why so few people have explored this beautiful country? It's just not on their radar! Avante Travel can help open up new horizons and give tourists more options when planning that perfect trip for themselves or as part of an entire group sightseeing adventure in one destination :).